Finally! Maths made easy!

I’ve never been good at maths. Never. Thanks God we all have calculating tools at our iPhones now. Still, every time I need to pay somewhere I prefer to use my credit card. Again, thanks God we have credit cards. My mom always told me, that I should learn maths harder. But I had that absolutely gorgeous boy sitting right next to me… plus he taught me how to draw. Anyway, my point is, that kids usually hate maths.

Thus, I was thinking on, how to make my son love it?

Because it is amazing. And incredible. And it makes us think analytically and logically. Mathematics is a language, a tool, and a system of relationships that supports daily living experiences. But lets face the truth, it’s dull. Though it really can be cool with the right teacher or the right approach.

While I was searching the web for an answer, I came against a couple of really interesting things.

#1. Japanese maths

Seriously. Just one question. Why nobody told me that?

#2. Ultimate app for kids.

It’s called Numbie. And I am in love with it. It’s funny, exciting and highly entertaining.

Numbie Full SizeIt’s colorful enough to keep your child in front of the screen. Yet, it’s not an average senseless game. Your child will be carried away with interesting quests, while learning all about additions, subtractions, counting and understanding math. Numbie’s teaching materials and methods are fully aligned with all 144 Common Core’s math concepts, a child needs to know in the first grade.

Since our kids are all technology addicted and there is nothing we can do about it. We can at least make a good choice of the game they are playing. Numbie definitely has to be downloaded!

Oh! By the way, Numbie is a name of the main character. Cute handsome little guy in funny glasses. He’ll lead your child through every level of the game.


I downloaded it on my iPad. Yep. Instead of candy crush. It’s available for android too.

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