Fighting stress with babies!

Fighting stress with babies.

Sounds silly, right? But yet it’s true. Even though sometimes it seems like they cause more commotion and agita.

Did you know that due to super cuteness babies reduce stress?


It’s hard to believe?
All those sleepless nights and diapers and poops and burps
But every time you look at this tiny little boy or girl sleeping, you feel that cuteness! An all-consuming love! 
Looking at sweet and cute babies stimulate pathway of  serotonin, making you feel happy.

It’s actually better than chocolate! 
So, hide your chocolate! And bring your baby’s photo everywhere you go.

Fighting stress with babies!

Holding a baby works even better. Once baby’s skin contacts your skin, your body starts to produce adrenaline (in addition to serotonin). In order to make you more accurate and delicate.

Thus, no more morning coffee. It’s not the first time we mention something is better than coffee ;)

Just hold your baby for a few minutes and you are ready to go!

Fighting stress with babies!


Have a nice week end mommy’s and daddy’s!




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