Fencing – classy combination of sport and mind

Choosing a right sport for your child is very important.
Every kid is unique. Some kids are more active and need to spent at least one hour per day running to get rid of energy.
Others lack concentration.

In order to help your child to develop needed skills, first of all you have to define your child’s needs.

Today’s market of after school activities has a lot to offer.
Football, soccer, ballet, basketball even yoga.

But I was trying to explore something that will help to develop both physically and mentally.

This was a hard task until I suddenly found fencing.

I’ve always had an impression that fencing is a little snobby. And boring. And too under control.

But then I happened to walk around our amazing city, when Sheridan Fencing Academy caught my eye.


I decided to make a visit.

It turned out that they have classes for children starting from 4.

Can you imagine that?
It sounded nearly impossible.

And even less possible for older kids. Especially since they are usually teaching in groups. They have private lessons too, though.


May I say, that I was very surprised. Kids were organized, concentrated and they were still having fun time. It’s a miracle!


One teacher for 10 kids!

It was truly awesome.

But let’s focus on the practical benefits your child can get from fencing.

Alongside it’s fantastic exercise, it helps improve agility and quick reaction capability, concentration and decision-making skills. Though, it doesn’t require your kid to have primary athletical skills, but instead it develops an ability to win using strategy.

Thus, if your child is not into any traditional sports, fencing might be just what you need.

Plus it looks great on a college application.

And beyond doubts, it’s classy!

About the Sheridan Fencing academy.

The founder and main coach Jason Sheridan is the only American to complete the prestigious fencing masters program at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland. He spent several years there training and studying with coaching legend Zbigniew Czajkowski, helping him write several books and papers on fencing and coaching.

But above all, he is just a very nice and easy going person, dedicated to his incredible mission to spread this awesome and fancy sport among people.


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