Every parent is a little child!

Every parent is a little child!

When you become a mother in order to be real happy, you, probably, need to keep a bit of that saucy girl for yourself. Otherwise, you will never understand your children. Once you get stuck in a rut, like spontaneity and experiment are gone for good.

How do I know? My life is full of experiment, right?)

It’s very simple. I had a nice experience of happy and spontaneous couple)

Yep, that’s my dad!

Every parent is a little child! Every parent is a little child!


My parents were never wrapped up in housekeeping.

Every parent is a little child!

I have different memories about my neighborhood. Starting from handmade Christmas tree decorations, to exploded condensed milk at the ceiling (Yeah, it’s typical dish of former USSR, called “sguschenka”. Caramelized condensed milk with sugar).

But the most important thing is, that there were nothing I couldn’t discuss with my mom and dad.


Because the always, at some part, remained kids. They tried to be equal with me and my brother.

And as a result – my childhood was an unbelievable unforgettable adventure.



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