Evenflo Pivot – complete travel system under $250

Searching for a perfect travel system can be quite a journey.

After all, we all have a different perception of a “perfect stroller”, based on our finances, needs and habits.

It took me 3 years and 2 kids to find our perfect stroller. But then again, we still have more than one stroller. Because different situations call for different strollers.

Evenflo Pivot might be just that perfect stroller for you


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Why we love it

1. It comes with a SafeMax Infant Car Seat that features an Anti-rebound bar.

A relatively new supersafe feature, that prevents the carseat from flipping over. Something you wouldn’t think might happen. And it won’t with this awesome carseat.

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It’s also very lightweight and comfortable.

2. Huge 3-panel canopy! It’s truly big!


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  3. Enormous storage space

Seriously. Have you seen that basket? It’s gigantic! One day my 3 yo climbed in there and felt totally comfy. Perfect for those moms who like to drag a huge diaper bag full of “just in case” stuff with them everywhere.

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 4. High push bar

It’s high enough for my husband to push it effortlessly.

5. Convertibility 

The toddler seat which can be easily transformed into a bassinet – is a hit! Used it for my toddler during nap time. Very handy!


The cons

  • The front wheels sometimes just lock on their own. Which can be really annoying.
  • It’s lightweight, but… Don’t forget that it’s still not a portable stroller. So if you live on the 4th floor of no elevator building (which is a popular set up in New York), don’t expect it to be weightless.


P.S. You can always opt for a more expensive option. UPPABaby Vista buying guide



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