Encourage Your Child’s Intellectual Development With These 5 Tips

Encourage Your Child’s Intellectual Development With These 7 Tips

Your child is learning and growing every day. This period of time is particularly critical to their intellectual development. The brain is going through a lot of changes. What your children do now will have an impact on them for their entire life.

1. Begin Early

There is no such thing as too early when it comes to intellectual development. Kids start learning from the moment they are placed into your arms. Make sure that you keep their environment as stress free as possible. Respond to your child’s needs in a loving manner. Talk often, use gestures and sing to your little one. Try and incorporate rhythm and number games into every day life. Doing all these things will establish love of learning which your child will carry through his entire life. Here are some great tips from 11plustutorsinessex on how to help improve your child’s intelligence.

2. Talk 

The best way to support your child’s language development is by talking to him. When your little one starts talking back, make sure you are listening. Let your child know that you are listening through eye contact, body language, and your own responses. If you encourage him, he will want to communicate more and more.

3. Read

You can begin reading to your child even when he is an infant. While some parents do not see the point, because the baby does not yet know what you are saying, this is a great way to put him on the path to language development. If you continue reading to your child through their early childhood, your little one is more likely to enjoy reading throughout his adult life. Reading is one of the most important things you can do for your child’s intellectual development.

If you want to give your child a great head start, show him the joy of reading. When a child reads, he learns about people that he has never met and places that he has never seen. He becomes curious and wants to learn more.

4. Engage

Interact with your child as much as possible. Play with him. Hug him and kiss him. Give him your attention. All of these activities will help your little one’s brain to grow. Studies indicate that babies that have parents that are engaged with them are smarter and happier than children whose parents do not do these things. Establish a meaningful connection with your child.

5. Play

You do not have to buy expensive toys for your child to play with. Instead, look for simple toys that your child can use in several different ways. You want him to use his imagination rather than relying on technology for entertainment. Therefore, select toys carefully.

Playing independently helps build intellectual and physical skills. Playing with others helps with social and emotional skills.

Bonus. Hands ON!

It’s scientifically proven, that kids’ brain under age of 5 actually mostly develops through kinesthetics. Meaning, through touch. So any hands on activity in an early age is highly beneficial. Thus, instead of trying to force your toddler to read, try something more hands on. Like gardening!

Gardening is one of the best activities you could probably imagine. Toddlers love to explore and connect with nature.

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