Does parenting kill creativity?

We awfully often hear stories about moms, who used to have exciting and fascinating professions, before they took maternity leave. And now they are just, you know, stay at home moms.

It’s fair to mention, that some of new mothers open their own businesses or reinvent themselves as quite promising artists.

So where is the truth? Does parenting really kill creativity?

My answer is NO.


Here is why!

1. Concentration

First of all I have never been so focused and concentrated on my work before, as I am now, when I an a mother. While I was childless – I had all the time in the world, I was free. I couldn’t focus. I was flying. I had a lot of great ideas, but none of them were transformed into reality.

These days my only “free time” is from 7 PM till I drop half dead into my bed. This time also includes such fun activities as cleaning and entertaining my better half. But nevertheless I manage to be more productive  than ever before. It would have never happened, if only I haven’t had that constant thought “HE MIGHT WAKE UP SOON”.

2. Imagination

Kids require you to be involved in their little-big world. That world includes a lot of incredible inventions, wow moments and simple miracles. And especially if you are not much of a talking type and you prefer not to answer all that buy xanax tablets crazy questions. Which I’m definitely not. You’ll have to listen to their explanations and try to kind of remember all of them.

3. Responsibility

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Even if you are a brain surgeon and you are quite familiar with the term “responsibility”, parenting is a whole new level. Being someone’s parent means a lot more than changing diapers, timely feed and put to bed. Fist time I realized the depth of this kind of responsibility, I didn’t sleep for about a week. My husband (truly great man) had to force me to leave him with the baby in order to get at least a short nap. I made him promise he won’t fall asleep at all. Should I mention, that I found them asleep together?

4. Ability to shut down

This is my fav. I’ve been living my life without this incredibly vital quality! How the hell did I manage to survive and stay sane? Well, I bet my husband will argue a bit on this last claim I just made. Every now and then I seem totally insane.

Ability to shut down is priceless for a creative person. You can’t seem to find inspiration, you can’t sleep, can’t talk, can’t concentrate… because of some minor/irrelevant/distant trouble. And there is nothing you can do! UNTILL you have a gassy infant, that fell asleep and you seem to have an hour or even two (if lucky) to do what you have to do.


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