Does parenting have to be so stressful?

Mommies today are overprotective, over-caring and over-obsessed with making their child’s life perfect.

When did this all started? When did we start to think, that our kid’s life has to be beautifully recorded fairy tale?
Why are we making our kids to think that they are the center of the universe? Instead of teaching them some communication skills. 

We need to control every second of their lives, sneaking in every possible detail.

My mom never followed my every step, never even tried to be a control freak.

Why are we making parenthood to look like a hard unloved job without any chance for happiness?

When I was little we used to hang around the neighborhood after school for hours, inventing our own games. And we had no mobile phones. We used to eat sandwiches at each other houses. We came from school, we changed and we were out in seconds. The only thing mom had time to say was: “dinner is at 8”. They were never so involved in our lives. Though, we never buy xanax cod felt abandoned or unloved. We just had enough space for our own decisions and secrets.

Why did we, suddenly, started to think, that we need to obsessed with our kid’s lives?

May be our own importance is a little overrated?

Parenting is not about us, it’s about our kids. 

So, may be, it is normal to let them fail once in a while. Or let them learn from their own mistakes. Get over rough goings. Why don’t we just act, like our own parents did? Why don’t we let our children actually act like children. Let them climb trees and get scratches, eat candies, stain clothes and goof around.

We, parents, are creating stress by ourselves. Let’s bring back some freedom. Let’s enjoy watching our kids. And stop trying to make their lives better. All we can do is give them enough love. And kisses, hugs, family dinners, dancing, jokes and a lot of fun.

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