Diaper Pail that ended the stink for good!

Today, I’m going to talk about something special. I’m going to share the insight.

There is a strange tendency in my life as a mom.

With our first son, somehow I thought that I don’t need “all that well advertised stuff”🤦‍♀️. I just need diapers (thanks god at least that), a crib (totally could have survived without it though) and some clothes. Ha-ha!

Soon enough I realized that my perception of motherhood is far from perfect. Duh! Thus, I started to reconsider my previous statements.

This is how with our second baby, I incorporated in my life a changing table, a swaddling blanket and (drums*) a diaper pail.

A thing that I thought was absolutely useless.

How terribly wrong I was.

When you have 2 kids more than one kid, this thing is a must have!

Now, you can go on and start searching for the ultimate diaper pail. But honestly, of course I’ve got a suggestion right here.

STEP Diaper Pail by 


Munchkin step diaper pail

First of all:

It will work in almost every New York apartment.
The STEP diaper pail is tall and slim. Which makes it THE ONE for everyone.
Even if you have a tiny studio, it will fit.

Apart from the perfect size it’s also proven to be #1 in fighting nasty odors!
Yes, it’s an extremely important aspect to consider when choosing a diaper pail. You don’t want your bedroom to smell like… well, like dirty diapers.

We had our own expert to test if “the stink ends here” really.

munchkin step

And one more thing.

After you no longer need a diaper pail, you can still use Munchkin STEP in your kitchen. Even better than any other trash bin I have ever tried. It’s a win/win.

And if you’re looking for a great and USEFUL baby shower gift – search no more!

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