Dear Son, I will no longer shield you from the world.

Dear son,

So much is happening in the world right now. I don’t know what to say to most of it. When I was pregnant with you, I never doubted that I would do my best to protect you against the world. Against all of the anger, hate, sadness, and hurting, I would shield you. Like most parents, it was in my nature to make sure you only saw the best in people and the world around you. But as you get older, and as the earth hurts more and more, I am afraid I cannot do that anymore. There are bad people in this world. They hurt others because of their differences, because of ignorance, and sometimes we do not know the reasons why. This isn’t just happening in war torn countries. It is happening all around us here in our own home. I cannot explain why it happens, or even more, why it is becoming more normal for something like this to be happening. People hurting people shouldn’t be normal.

I have decided to stop shielding you from these things. You have seen me cry watching the news; you have heard me get angry and yell at the world. It’s hard for me to hide these feelings from you. I more than want this world to seem like a perfect, beautiful, loving place for you. The truth is, sometimes it’s not.

Even though I feel there is little I can do to help others or stop this, I have found that there is a lot I can do for you. I can teach you about the bad people, and help you understand the hurt and loss. I can encourage you to be a better person, and make better choices for yourself and others.

With the hurting, there is a lot of good in the world. We just don’t see it as often, and we don’t celebrate it enough.

I don’t know what the answers are, but I feel that if we continue to mask over our feelings of fear and anger and sadness, these tragic events will continue. I can’t say what is the right thing to do, but I can say that if we continue to care and love and work hard to make ourselves and others happy, we can create a force of compassion stronger than that of hate. We will talk about these things, feel the pain and sadness, and work through to understand a little better how to help make love the new normal.






All these events that happen on what now seems like a daily basis are heart-breaking. Yesterday, it hit closer to home for me than I would have liked. I am part of a private online community of mothers, who support and uplift each other through the toughest of times. Yesterday one of the women posted that her husband was in his office when the shooting happened. She hadn’t heard anything and wanted us to send prayers and positive energy. Later we found that this beautiful family became victims to the unthinkable. Renee is now left with her six children, missing the love of her life. Please know that we may not be able to stop these shootings from happening (right now at least, I have hope that one day we will), but we can help those affected. Please donate or share this link. Thank you.

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