Dear mom, that disciplined my child on the playground

Dear mom, that disciplined my child on the playground!

First of all, I don’t know why you felt that unbeatable urge to approach my child and make an attempt to discipline him. But I just want to


No. You can’t yell or touch him (that’s my job).

Thank you for caring. Thank you for being attentive. Thank you for explaining. Thank you for not ignoring. Thank you for making an example.

Yes, I’m not always around to see my child’s jerkwad behavior. Guilty. Sometimes I might be on my phone… Yes, xanax online usa yes. I’m just a usual mortal mom. And I appreciate your help!

Because it takes a village to raise a kid. Even though our “tiny village” is a bit bigger and quite diverse, we can either chose to be strangers or to be connected.

I chose to be connected. 

I know I should have been there to do my job. And I’m sorry I failed.

Thank you for having my back.

“That” kid’s mom.



Main photo credit Myles Tan

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