Dad’s kind of love

Get prepared. Cause I’m going to chant the praises of dads!


It’s not an easy thing to be a mother. Beeing a father, though, is magnum opus.

Just imagine, our beloved men are absolutely deprived of maternal instinct. I mean, it’s not that they once had it, and then it was taken. It simple never was there! That’s why it’s called Maternal!

So, that fatherly love, we usually have chance to observe, is nothing but result of unbelievable effort, which young dads are constantly putting into their children.

For men, love has a clearly defined formula. In other words, unlike women, there is no unconditional love. There is an effort, they are putting into their babies. It accumulates and multiplies. Then transforms into devotion. And only after that — comes love.

Actually, men love themselves in their children. It’s not an easy way. Especially, when an object of your potential love is yelling and pooping continuously.

Thus, dear moms, be patient and large hearted. And give dads opportunity to put their heart into their kids.

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