Dad almighty!

Dad almighty!

It’s amazing how our brain works. Have you ever noticed how quickly we forget where we started? Our first date, our baby’s first words, steps and the day he was born. I already can’t believe Avi was that tiny.

We don’t even notice how much we’ve changed since our first dates. How we’ve evolved together. We don’t appreciate these changes. We simply can’t. We do not notice them.

Lately I’ve been going through our old photos. And I’ve seen it. The change! My husband has changed dramatically. He converted from a funny funky guy to mature and wise husband and father (though he still is funny).

Wow. Just WOW.

And I decided to show him how proud I am, to support him.

I thought it would be useful to mention it here. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t notice positive changes.

Seriously! Mommies, face it, we pay no regard for our husbands. All we do is – demand. Do this, do that… It’s never enough!
So just once in a while, take a gaze on what you started with. And remind yourself where you are now.

Just look at yourselves going strong together!

Let’s give them some credit!

They are truly amazing and awesome after all! And in the end of the day it is “papa”, “daddy” or “dada” they can hardly wait to hear!

Dad almighty! Dad almighty! Dad almighty! IMG_6670

We love you!

P.S. This still doesn’t mean you can leave your socks whenever you want.

And take your lunch box out of your bag!

And buy some bread on your way home.

Oh! And can you get laundry?

And don’t be late for supper!

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