Co-sleeping or no sleeping?

Usually Avi sleeps in his own bed. But sometimes, very rarely, at daytime nap I can not resist. He is so adorable.

Somehow it just happened that he never slept in our bed.

It wasn’t hard for me to get up and feed him during first 3 weeks. But the most buy fioricet overnight delivery important was the fact, that I was afraid to harm him while sleeping.

I know, that there are heaps of co-sleepers and other devices, that can provide safety. But I just didn’t have enough courage. And I tried. I just had a sleepless night, while Avi slept 8 hours streight. I could’t stop staring at him.

And that is why, these rare moments, when our daddy is at home daytime and can control the situation, I can enjoy sleeping with my cuty boy. Pure hapiness.

I wonder, all moms are so sentimental?

I know that some moms co-sleep and feel comfortable. Some moms suffer from co-sleeping. It’s hard to understand, what is the correct way. So, co-sleeping or no sleeping? It fully depends on how mother feels. That’s it.

But the one, who suffers most of all — is daddy. Just think about it. You get evicted from your buy fioricet overnight delivery own bed. Or, as at our case, even whole room. Quite a psychological trauma, huh?

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