Choosing shoes for toddlers

Once your little one steps (literally) into toddlerhood, you’re adding one more trouble to your already stressed out mommy brain.


Choosing shoes for a toddler is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

1. They need to be comfortable. And that’s crucial. Your baby’s tiny feet are developing and growing every day. And it’s vitally important that nothing prevents them from the right course of development.

2. They have to be relatively cheap. Considering the fact, that one pair of shoes will last you no longer than 3 months (best case scenario), you don’t want to spend $100 on it.

3. You want them to look cute. Well, yeah. We’re moms. And our kids are going to be toddlers just once. So we kind of want to get the most out of it.

With these 3 criteria in mind, you’re going to start searching and researching Amazon and all local ToysRus. Until you’ll end up buying something that won’t actually fit all those 3 criteria.

Oh, and not to mention. If you have a little girl, she might already have her own little (but impossibly strong) opinion about fashion. It doesn’t seem too hard, since most of the girls are princesses in that age. But, anyways, it will add a fourth criteria to your list.

Thus, in order to make your life slightly easier, we kind of got you covered.

We’ve chosen 2 pairs of shoes, that most likely will satisfy almost every mom.

Yes, just 2. Because, let’s face it. Once given a choice – we can’t focus and decide. We’re moms. We need everyone around us to decide for us, to do stuff for us. While we’re gracefully sipping mimosas on the sofa. Duh…


Martin Adventure shoes

Give your boy a look that rocks with this Martin Adventure shoes.
Scratch front, padded collar, smooth lining, cushioning insole and traction outsole. And attractive price.

Blue Angels shoes

Like I said, every girl has a little bit or royalty in her. So why not to indulge this innocent craving? Especially at this perfect age. When there is no judgement. And you can wear shoes covered with glitter every day and still look adorable.

These low heels sparkling shoes are made of synthetic leather and rhinestones decoration. Perfect for special occasion, they will also keep your girl’s feet comfortable for long.

Thank us later!


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