Childbirth prep

Like any self-respecting pregnant woman, I was intensively preparing to labour. I read tons of books, watched thousands of videos, did breathers. I interrogated all of new mothers I could reach. And all of them claimed that they have forgotten everything. Some kind of universal conspiracy. How can you possibly forget few hours of unbearable pain? Probably even the worst pain in your life. But I came up smiling and kept on searching.

I even watched a video of ultra natural labour under water. It damaged consciousness so much, that it even could be the end of my childbirth prep. And right after this video I finally understood, how you can forget few hours of your life. I was most impressed by amount of hair on the “ultra mommy”. Somehow, I instantly decided that water birth – is just not my thing. In general, I can’t understand what problems natural delivery has with waxing. 

Right by the end of 8-th month I was super alert and ready to go. I trained how to breath while short and long contractions. I recorded few hours of relaxing music on my iPhone, taught my husband how to do the foot massage and packed a bag to the hospital. Now I wonder, have anybody ever had a chance to use this kind of preparations?

Anyway, I was more than ready. Well, at least I thought so. Then the last week came. I felt like that last few days were longer than all previous term. 

Like it or not, but in such moments you start thinking how unstable is our understanding of time. 

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