Character VS habit

Did you know, that character is something that we were born with? We can’t change our nature. But we can control it by forming habits.
As they say: habit is the second nature.
Same thing works with kids. 
The day Avi was born I realized that he is not an ordinary cutie pie. He is a hard candy. And that’s the truth. Though he looks nice and adorable. The way he acts, is totally tough. He was born in 20 minutes. He was persistent. He was fast and stubborn. Once he decided to go out, there were no doubts. He gave me no time to make up my mind.
He decided! That’s it. 
And that’s how he acts now. He does what he wants. And he acts so mature, that I wouldn’t really dare to argue. He cries rarely, he never whines. He just acts!
Sometimes when I get tired of his totalitarianism, I keep on saying “I’m the mother! I rule!“. But it sounds even desperate. So desperate!) 
And he just laughs.
When he demands something, there is no any possible way you wouldn’t give it to him.
He definitely is a strong-willed man boy.
 character VS habit
Anyway, I’m trying to prove that I can win, by forming him a habit.
For example. 
He wants to get up at 6 in the morning.
I want him to get up at 7!
He want’s to eat as often as he can, I want him to eat 4 times a day + boob at the evening.
He demands, with his habitual ferocity. I explain, beg, implore, ask, distract… and then, I just ignore. This is how I can win 20-30 minutes more.
And lately, miracle had happened.
He woke up at 7! HABIT WORKS!
Well, it works on my hubby pretty well also)
He is a great dad and a perfect husband. (I recently got to know, that he reads my blog, you know…)
We are still working on that socks thing, though.

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