Breath-taking alternative to public schools

Our children are our future! As parents we do our best to provide them with everything important for all-around development. And much more! And there is always much more we can do.

They are the generation of tomorrow. And their pace of life is incredibly fast. They soak up information and absorb everything that surrounds them. Including patterns of behavior. The most important thing that we can (and have to) give them is – the key to successful communication. The right type of connection between people is the path to success. This is the base. The mighty body of the tree of life that will flourish and fructify.

But do they teach it at schools? Well, if you are lucky enough. It is something, that we just have to plant in their little brains by ourselves. Us, parents, their family. It all depends on our decisions and actions. And of course the right environment.

Schools today are far from perfect environment. Though there are alternatives.

And here is one of them! An amazing school coop run by parents for their children! It is based on teaching how to build connections. In other words, how to make friends, solve conflicts and learn to do everything together!

The School of Integral Learning!

We adhere to a methodology called Integral Education. Integrality is the essence of interconnectivity. This methodology focuses on connection and relationship building: the relationship between children; the parent-child relationship; the relationship between teachers and children; and at a higher level – the relationship between all of us, between each and every one; and even between us and all the elements of nature.

We understand that each child is unique and therefore needs to be educated in accordance with their natural tendencies. Our small classroom allows the teacher to really get to know each child and find best ways to nurture development. Our school promotes and inspires a spirit of collaboration and teamwork. We hold discussions in circles, where children learn how to express themselves, listen and accept others’ opinions without judgment. The breadth of our curriculum includes math, sciences, English reading and writing, arts & crafts, music, weekly field trips, and much much more.

MadMama is simply in love with these kids. The way they deal with challenges and face problems. Doing everything together. Yet being themselves.

That is how school should look like to me.

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