Breastfeeding story

Breastfeeding story.

Just to start the week with something positive and funny.
As you might already noticed, I draw inspiration from my lovely friends and their families.
It’s a never-ending source.
Did you know how it’s actually hard to quit breastfeeding?
You thought it’s hard to start? To get supply on the right track. (I was always wondering, why they didn’t invent another word for this, than milk SUPPLY?)
It’s nothing comparing to quitting!
It’s nearly impossible.
The main thing is, that when your milk supply is fine, you feel comfort while nursing, you start ENJOYING the process. And all of a sudden, you have to stop!! To start with, how much you were suffering in the beginning just to get to this point! And now you have to quit?
So, one of my friends Zhanna has 2yo daughter, still nursing and wants to stop.
She’ve been trying for a few months now. But every time something turns up. Isa (daughter) is a very very very active and persistent girl. And it’s simply easier to surrender.
(And she is also extra cute)
Isa invented her own strategy how to get what she wants without paying the price.
The «casual boob» strategy! 
Isa got the point, that she only gets the boob before she goes to bed. So she started to simulate. But this deception was easily exposed by supermom).
And then she clicked! She can ask a boob on the couch. And it won’t oblige her to go to bed, on one hand. And on another hand, mom will buy it. Thus, it’s kind of “casual boob”.
Really, I think it’s genius!)
Every time I hear Isa saying: «Mommy, booby on the couch» I remind myself that they are smarter and craftier than we think.
P.S. Recently, as “casual boob” strategy started to work less often, we had an innovation. An outside variant called “Boob on the bench”.

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