Bedding solution for active toddlers

Bedding solution for active toddlers.

My son Avi can’t sleep with us. He can’t sleep in the regular open bed. He needs a crib! Boundaries and borders šŸ˜‰

He is so active, that no sheets can possibly be strong enough to stay in place. We are using a natural pure linen mattress, which is dramatically thinner than regular mattresses. Which means that all fitted sheets simply won’t work. I’ve been looking for solution for a while now.Ā 

Finally I’ve found it!Ā 

Bedding solution for active toddlers

The PUREgrace Premium Crib Mattress Pad. Among it’s other purposes it is designed to stay in place!Ā 

Avi tested it! No matter what happens – it’s there!!! Yay!Ā 

In addition it appeared to be incredibly natural and organic! What a nice bonus.

  • It’s made of 100% TENCELĀ®, botanic fiber derived from eucalyptus trees.Ā 

Bedding solution for active toddlers

  • It’s waterproof. Naturally waterproof! No acrylic fibers, no PVC, no vinyl, no BPA.
  • Naturally white! No bleach used!
  • TENCELĀ® is naturally hypoallergenic. It does not generate a static charge; therefore, dust and other particles do not cling to the fiber giving it additional hypoallergenic qualities.

PUREgrace company, as many other natural and organic companies, is founded by parents. And everything they do comes from purity, integrity and love. Love for their daughter. The Mattress Pad is created especially for parents seeking only the very best for their children. Which means, for all of us.

Bedding solution for active toddlers

It’s softer than silk and now I know why. It’s not only 100%Ā TENCELĀ®, it’s 100% love!

And as a black friday special, weĀ diced to spread so me PURE goodness and share even more love with MadMamaNYC readers.

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NOTE:Ā the discount isĀ available from 11/28/2015 ā€“ 12/4/2015

Happy shopping! šŸ˜‰

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