Bad mother’s manifesto

I let my kid eat cookies from the floor, get wet and play in dirt.

Yes, he can lick the swing if he needs to. No, I don’t need to change his wet/dirty clothes right now, he will get wet/dirty the next second again. If he falls I’m not going to run to him immediately. Yes, Im aware that he is crying, I can hear him. No I’m not going to pick him up and hold him. No, he is not in pain, he doesn’t need food or water…

Yes, this is the type of upbringing that I’ve chosen. No, it’s not cruelty, it’s called responsibility! I’ve chosen to raise a person and I’m willing to teach him a lot more, than a simple manipulation.

I know, that it might be very very very hard (almost impossible) to stay away from giving unsolicited advices, when you see that something wrong is happening between the mother and the child. But, I beg you on behalf of all the imperfect mothers of the mankind.


Every time you feel the urge to come and share your miraculous advice – just don’t. Don’t! 

And if it’s too hard to resist the temptation to spread your valuable wisdom – just ask if there is any help needed. Sometimes we just need a hand, not a word.

Or take your time and observe.

And try to remember, that motherhood is one of the hardest jobs in the world. And there is no high school or university that will teach you and guide you through all the ins and the outs of it. There is no possible criteria to measure your success in motherhood. Except may be happiness. Nothing is certain. Thus, all your conclusions and comments are absolutely subjective.


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