Baby food made with love!

We all know that there is no better food for the baby than mother’s buy augmentin duo forte milk.
But babies grow, their bodies start to demand more nutritions, vitamins and minerals. Time comes to try solids.


What do we have to know about baby’s first food? 

First of all – it has to be organic. 
And the best way to make sure that it’s really organic – is do it yourself. And by “doing it yourself” I mean the full cycle. Including buying organic farm fresh fruits and veggies. But let’s face the truth. We live in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. We hardly have time to heat the slice of yesterdays pizza.

So, what would be the other option?

To buy from a trustworthy manufacturer. Preferably the one, that you can really check.


Second of all – it has to be tasty!

Don’t be afraid to add some light spices, like cinnamon, and combine different tastes and flavors.

Somehow I’m not very buy flomax online good at cooking baby food. It comes out tasteless and not yummy at all.

So I started to search for the best baby food, that will suit my demanding taste. And you can probably imagine, how hard this search was. Nothing seemed to be good enough.

Until I suddenly found HappyBellyBaby on twitter.

Mommies! Seriously, this is a catch!

To start with, how they combine flavors! Pear and ginger! OMG! It tastes like heaven!

And asparagus with leeks. This one is my favorite. I’d eat it myself.

But I’ve got some competition. My little picky eater )


Every jar is full of love and finger liking farm-to-table-baby veggies, fruits, spices, herbs and roots.



What more to say?

On top of everything, they are not just organic. They are beyond organic. It’s something more.

It’s about traceability, supporting communities, and creating a new generation of healthful adventurous eaters. They are the real family, making a real family made high quality product.


So, definitely, MadMama recommends!

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