Babies and TV. Yes or no?

My mom was showing my 1 yo son cartoons from my past this morning.

“We don’t really do that” – I said. And freeze. My son actually liked it. And they all were musicals. Some of them overpacked with rock’n’roll music! Cool, huh? Especially considering when those cartoons were made. Just check it out.

Even though it’s in Russian (obviously), you can still enjoy the music.

My mom just explained Avi a scene from a cartoon, where main characters fall in love.

Look, Avi, troubadour is playing the violin. The princess is going to hear him playing and fall in love. Right now, look.

I wish it was that simple in the real life…

Anyway. I vote for this kind of TV shows. But how can you restrict your kid from watching other kind of things on TV? Once you allow television, you allow everything that is brings. And it brings way ,ore information, that our brain can take.

So how to control information, that your child is absorbing?

That’s a tricky question. And the answer is – in no way.

You can’t.

But what to do?

As far as I got the situation, the best thing we (parents) can do, is educate and create the right environment.

The amount of information, that is floating in the air today is so huge, that luckily we can hardly perceive even 0.01 %. Thus, why instead of restricting our kids from TV we won’t just create a so called filter?

This is getting interesting, right?

How to educate, create an environment and create a filter.

Have you ever noticed, that it doesn’t matter how hard you try to avoid coca-cola, McDonald’s and other unhealthy stuff, when your kid sees like other kid is having it… all you reasonable explanations seem to be absolutely useless? How it works?

Children are tend to copy. Thus, the only way is to set an example. A lot of examples. Preferably their age.

So you just have to choose the environment for your child. Sounds too easy, right? But it’s not that simple. On top of that, you have to remember, that you are your child’s primary environment (especially if we are talking about babies). Thus, if you want your child not to watch TV, then you’ll have to quit watching it yourself.

We, personally don’t have TV at home. But we watch “Classical baby” quite often.

It’s for you to decide.

But, remember, if you are cutting off one source of information, you have replace it with another. A lot of books will do.

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