Are you getting ready for your post birth selfie?

Once Avi was born I had only one thought – “is he breathing?”. Though, this thought didn’t prevent me from making a few selfies with him and without him.



When we moved to New York number of selfies dramatically increased on my iPhone. And not only because this city is so awesome, that you want to take photo everywhere. But mostly because it’s the only way of communication with my mom, dad and my brother.

Thus, long before the due date I knew, I will be making selfies with my newborn son. And all my family will be showing those photos to all of our friends. So I had to look relatively good. Or at least happy.

So I had my own plan of preparation. It’s funny how it actually worked. Despite the fact that my birth plan was totally screwed. 

Afterbirth selfie preparation plan:

1. Have a manicure each week of your last month. Just in case your LO decides to pop up suddenly.

2. If you dye your hair, don’t let it go. There are plenty of natural hair dyes.

3. Buy some 5-minute masks. Or any other beauty product that is easy to use and gives you a quick result!

4. Buy a dry shampoo. And keep it in your bag.

Or, if you really take it serious, just find a make up artist and professional photographer.


Share your after birth selfies with us! 

We want to see your happy faces!

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