Are We Doing Enough To Control And Monitor Our Kid’s Media?


Are We Doing Enough To Control And Monitor Our Kid’s Media?

If this question was proposed to today’s digital providers, the short answer would most likely be no … since they all seem to be offering UNLIMITED DATA, TEXT and MEDIA, all for one low, low price (plus taxes, fees, hidden surcharges and other additional costs). But things were much different when we were teenagers and young children.

We often had a small handful of channels fuzzily found on our one-and-only TV set in a common living area inside the house. Often a single telephone was anchored to the kitchen wall so privacy and monitoring were mostly things of the distant past. Nowadays, screens are found everywhere and phones are in the palm of almost everyone’s hands at all times. This has led to a time where it has become increasingly difficult to monitor our children’s screen time and a completely separate life found on the internet.

Time Away From Home

Especially at school, we can’t always be there to monitor our children’s behaviors and this includes their online activities. For the most part, educators and administrators are using the internet for educational purposes, like driver’s education for example. And when it comes to getting behind the wheel, this is an important time for parents to reign in their children when it comes to dangerous behaviors like texting or talking on their smartphones while driving.

The most important thing we can do is lead by example, which is often difficult when we spend so much time on our own devices. Check out this infographic on “How Parents Influence Kids’ Media Use,” to see if you’re doing everything you can to have a positive effect on your children’s online activities. You may be surprised at some of the statistics that may contradict what you believe is happening and what’s actually transpiring.

Other working method would be – engage your kids into reality. An activity, that is physical. But it still has to be somewhat interesting. I mean, don’t expect that if you offer your child to clean the backyard rather than play some video games, he’ll run out of the house singing happy songs.

Have you ever heard of NERF Wars? Try that!


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