Applying to college made easy

Are you the parent with a son or daughter who is considering applying to college?

If so, there is a nice resource I’ve recently discovered, that will equip you with valuable assistance and important information.

Admitopia provides a springboard for students to be discovered by colleges and universities that are well suited for them. It all begins with a profile.


The profile is the perfect platform for listing your accomplishments. Students are able to go over all of the great things they’ve done the last few years of high school. There’s room to showcase grades, sports, activities, and test scores, as well as interests, dreams and goals. Rather than just blindly searching the internet to find out what the marketing departments want you to know, you are able to boast about yourself to enrollment representatives and student outreach groups that are looking for you.

In addition to showing off as a candidate for admission, Admitopia sets you up to talk to students at the school you’re considering. By reaching out to a current student, you can ask away all of the burning questions that you need answers to before agreeing to go to a specific school.

Choosing the right major will help you to get the job you want out of college. But how are you supposed to know what major you need in order to land your dream job? Admitopia helps you to work backwards to find the right course of study in order to position yourself to be hired out of college.

It’s free and It’s bringing applying for college on a whole new level!

Wish I had this resource when I was applying.

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