9 tips that prove you are not a bad parent

9 tips that prove you are not a bad parent

Being a parent is a hard and exhausting job. So it’s quite reasonable that occasionally we question ourselves: what if we are bad parents?

That happens to us all the time.

So we made a list.

You are not a bad parent if: 

1. you are not enjoying every second of parenting!

2. you have a break down from time to time

3. you say «no» 

4. you allow more than you should from time to time

5. you need time on your own 

6. you postpone a nap time because you need things to be done! 

7. there is one un baby-proof spot left in your house. And your child end up bumping his/her head out there! 

8. you accidentally hurt your child

9. sometimes you laugh when your kids cry. It’s just so funny sometimes. Though it may seem cruel

P.S. You are more than welcome to add to this list! We’ll appreciate your contribution. )

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