9 Reasons For Telling Bedtime Stories

9 Reasons For Telling Bedtime Stories


Bedtime stories are every kid’s all time favourites.

They are wonderful for bedtime. They are fantastic for leisure time. They are simply irreplaceable. 

There are a lot of factors why bedtime stories are a must. 

1. Bonding.

Snuggling and cuddling are really important. There is a theory that says, that every person should be hugged at leat 5 times per day. Otherwise, our self esteem lowers way down. 

2. Moral values.

Aside from being entertaining, bedtime stories teach kids what are moral values. “The boy who cried wolfs” for example. Teaches kids not to tell lies. And what most important – it explains why you shouldn’t.

3. Excellent night sleep.

Kids can have a difficult day also. Reading a story before bedtime simply helps them to relax. You should star away from the scary monsters an trolls, though. 

4. Education.

Fairytales have remarkably authentic English language. And kids catch it incredibly quick. 

5. Encouraging creativity.

Magical creatures and fairies expand our kids’ perception of reality. Making their imagination work. 

6. Positive and soothing images.

Definitely better than television. And you don’t have to worried about violent contents. Though I would avoid the original version of The Little Red Riding Hood.


7. Cultivate love for reading at the early age.

You don’t want your kids to be glued to a TV, do you? So set the right example. A book every evening sound like a great plan. 

8. Building connection between siblings.

Encourage older kids to read to younger kids. So they can learn to share and listen to each other.

9. Finding out about the concept of “the bad guy”.

While most bedtime stories focus on adventures, friendship and miracles, there are always “bad guys” involved. Thus, kids can actually understand the conception of good and bad. 

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Good night and sweet dreams.

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