9 adorable kids whose parents nailed parenthood

Parenting is far from perfection. We all know that. I mean, if you see a perfect Instagram account of a mom, be sure she is a witch hiding something. All those cute and adorable pics of spotless matching clothes are just moment! And a great luck to have an ability to capture those moments. Or a heeling tool in photoshop…

Anyways. We truly want you to have a nice relaxing weekend. Without trying to be perfect. Come on, guys! Perfect – isn’t real!

Here is how “real” looks like!

Pinterest inspired selfie! Nailed it!

Who said that making fun of our own kid is bad? It’s survival, people!

It’s my party and cry if I want to! Cry if I want to!

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When you are trying to put your kid on a schedule…

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When you expect your kid to use a spoon in a proper way the day he starts demanding it!

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Being a mother of a future artist is hard. Just hard…

They’ll teach you to improvise!

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The true meaning of “Mein kampf”.

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