7 tricks every working mom should know

7 tricks every working mom should know

Deciding to work is one of the most challenging aspects of being a mother. You will have to leave your children and go to work. As challenging and stressing as that can be, there are tips that you can use to ensure a smooth transition.

  • make the use of technology

There are different apps that you can use to be able to keep in touch with your children. If you have a smart phone or an iPad (and if you have kids – let’s face it, you have an iPad). You need to download the apps and be at ease when you are at work. Apps to download today: ContinuousCare; Happy Kids Timer; Trekaroo; TaskRabbit.

Come on, everybody use apps!


  • Delegate work

If you are a boss or have a managerial position in your work place, you can delegate some of the work. You don’t have to handle all the activities by yourself. If you can, delegate some of the activities to your employees. This way you will have time to spend time with your children.

If you don’t have that opportunity to delegate, then you can ask your boss to have flexible hours in your work place. You need to have enough time to be with your children. It will save you from those guilty feelings. 


  • Ask for space

You know it can be challenging to find a nanny and if that is the case with you, then you may be forced to take your child to work. There are organizations that have nursing rooms where you can breastfeed your child. Alternatively, you may ask for space to pump breast milk for your child. Your company should make time for you as a new mom.


  • Meditate

You need to take some time off for yourself. Balancing your career and motherhood can be hard that is why meditation can be a great way to have that balance. When you are leaving work you need to take some time to get your mind grounded. You need to let go the day’s work and get ready for your children.


  • Plan ahead

It may sound like a cliché but planning ahead will save a lot of stress. You need to plan your day before. This will make it easy for you to handle the different tasks of the day.

You also need to set boundaries when it comes to your time. Planning ahead will help you have some time for yourself.


  • Ask for help

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. As a mother, you will need to have people help you take care of your child when you are at work. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends. This will make it easy for you to handle other important task that you have to do.


  • Have a schedule

When you have children, you will need to have a schedule. This will guide you in planning your time. that’s just it. Kids love schedules. They need their lives to be predictable.

There are different apps that you use to help you plan and stick to your schedule.

You can also make a list of all the things that you need to do during the day.


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