7 tips to be a better dad!

Being a good dad is a challenging task (as you already read).

But we, mothers, have a lot of time to spend with our kids. We have our ups and downs. But dads simply don’t have any time and right to have downs. All they usually have – are 2 days in the end of the week.

They have to be perfect. And it’s hard to be perfect when you are tired.

Anyway, here are 7 tips to be a better dad! The best dad ever!


#1. Be courageous and initiative. 

You can calm the baby! You can feed the baby! You can change diapers! You can! Just don’t say you can’t before you try.

#2. Practice makes perfect.

If you think that every mom right from the very beginning knew how to change, feed and operate with the baby, you are totally wrong. If you only knew how many times we fail. But we simply have no choice. So go on and practice!

#3. Don’t try to be mom. 

Be yourself. Your kid doesn’t need you to be a mother. Play, fool around, laugh, brake the rules.

best dad

#4. Share secrets. 

Exchange confidences, make secret plans, be one team.

better dad

#5. Learn to say “no”.

Yes, we know how happy you are to spend time with your kids, but you’d better learn to say “no”. Because on monday you’ll go to work and we (moms) will stay at home with capricious children.

#6. Support your better half.

Never ever conflict with each other in front of your children! Respect your wife’s rules.

#7. Show your devotion to family. 

In any hard situation, when other people are involved, let your child feel, that you support him no matter what.


And LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your child!

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