7 rules to make your baby’s 1-st birthday awesome!

When I was little I never, actually liked my birthday. It wasn’t because my parents did a bad job. Now, when I have my own kid, I finally realized one thing: your kids’s birthdays are your high days.


Yes, that’s right.

Thus, first of all don’t forget to make this day special for yourself.

I mean, that’s you, who suffered for hours in labor (unlike me of course. I had my son in 20 min).

And then, the minute you firs held your baby changed your life. That whole day was the turning point. That was the day, when your life changed for ever. 

So the first rule of successful birthday is – don’t forget that it’s your day too.

We slightly came to the rule #2.

My favorite. I’d use it for each and every day. ) Don’t stress!

It doesn’t really matter for your baby whether you’ll throw the party of the year (well that’s what you’re doing anyway) or just celebrate at home. But what matters is your happy smile and love. So, even if something seem to go wrong, relax and smile to your precious cutie.


Rule #3. Time is important.

Babies have a limited attention spans. They can get tired and loose interest very quickly. So plan the party to last an hour or an hour and a half. Make sure that your guests will come in time.

Also, keep in mind the baby’s nap time schedule, when planning time.

Rule #4. Guest list.

Your baby can become overwhelmed by big amount of people. Just cut down your guest list to family and clothes friends. Plus you’ll cut your expenses too.

Rule #5. Ask for help!

You need to be happy on this special day! Any perfect birthday party of the year is not worth tired and exhausted mother. Hire a babysitter, call a friend to help you with organization.

Rule #6. Make healthy treats

Some of your guests might have food allergies or be Gluten Free. Just make sure you checked it before ordering catering or making your own treats.

Nice ideas for healthy treats here.


Rule #7. Babyproof the place.

Most of the babies of this age are still crawling. So make sure their play place is safe. In order to have some time for peaceful relaxed conversation with other mommies.



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