7 relationship tips from happy couples

A lot of people around the world struggle in their marriages and relationships. Why? Simply because we are not taught how to build relationship in schools. Somehow, we have to figure it out ourselves. And we are lucky if we have a great example of a perfect couple. But what if we don’t?

Here are 7 relationship tips from happy couples that are really making it “happily ever after”.

1. Surround yourself with friends, who value relationship.


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As it was said millions of times, our environment shapes our lives! And it really does. Let go of people that are bad influence on both of you. And stick to the people who strengthen your family.

2. Prioritize your time together.

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If you started living together, it doesn’t mean that you should stop dating! Spend some quality time together. Share your interests, explore something new together.

3. Never compare!

Each relationship is unique in it’s own way! While learning from other couples, never compare!

4. Never say bad things about buy xanax from india online each other.

We know. Sometimes you just need to vent it out. Talk to somebody! But say only positive things! Otherwise you both will stuck in accusations and negative perception, disregarding all the good things, that are happening with you two!

5. Never lie.

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Needless to say, that trust should be your only way to be.

6. Never compete.

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Living a happy life together means being a team. There is the only way you can win, if you turn ME into WE. Whatever you do – do it together!

7. Choose to LOVE!

We know, nobody told you that. But love is actually a choice. Not a spontaneous feeling from fairy tales. Nope. That one is just attraction, tiny sparkle. But if we are talking about the ethereal flame here. It’s a conscious choice. That you will have to make every single day!


Main Photo made by fabulous Mariana Zhovnirenko!

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