6 unbeatable reasons to have a big family

6 unbeatable reasons to have a big family


you snooze — you loose

The first reason. When you have more than one kid – they become totally independent and sovereign. 

My family is not actually that big. I have only one brother.

But all my childhood memories are connected with him. We had fun. Really. He is creative, funny and easy going. I would never became the person I am without him. 

He, actually, taught me how to communicate with men. 

And the whole bunch of other things. Like riding a bicycle, climbing trees, saving money, reading (meaning, how to LOVE reading). We were never bored together. We built spaceships for our cat, created a little theater and even made few films.


Reason number two – free time!

Even though my family isn’t so big yet, I had an opportunity to taste a sample of it. When I lived in Italy, I was hosted by a real Italian family. They are quite usual family of 5. Mom, dad, 2 daughters, one little brother and me. Oh, yeah, grandparents, like about 10 cousins, 6 nieces and so so on. We all lived next door. So most of the time we spent on our own. Playing, hanging around and leaving adults alone in peace.

Reason number 3! Children learn to respect other people’s feelings and beliefs. There were a lot of drama, though. But the best thing is, that none of adults were involved. We tried to solve all our problems by ourselves. How we managed? Well, when there is minimum 9 other opinions, your opinion can’t always be the ultimate truth.

This makes you more concentrated. You always try to choose the right words, when you talk. You need carrie quite a conviction to persuade 9 pairs of ears. This gives us the fourth reason.

Fifth reason – children learn, what does it really means to share. I’ve learned it hard. 9 nights out of 10 we all fell asleep in one bed. It’s rough, believe me.

And just imagine, you have only one bathroom. And if God forbid you need to shower…

Same thing with food. Eat quick and go out in the big crowd. There is nothing that can stop your brothers and sisters from eating your piece of pie, if you didn’t claimed for it. Sadder, but wiser, I got to know that If you want something — you go and get it!

Now let’s get the positive stuff.

Reason 6.

Birthdays and holidays are brighter and happier!

If it’s your birthday — then you are the lucky devil! Can you picture yourself bazzilion of presents? Yep, that’s how it looks. The other thing is, that in such a big crowd, you’ll have someone’s birthday almost every week. And if you are planning to skip someone’s party, perish the thought… They will all come and get you.

Having a big family is fun after all. It’s all about love and care. As much love as you can only imagine. I love all buy ritalin bali of my hurly-burly families. They are all in my heart.

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