6 things to never say to your child

6 things to never say to your child

There are a lot of obvious things parents should avoid telling to their kids. But there are also things, you’d never think are harmful.

1. We cannot afford that

When your child asks for some toys or stuff that you consider totally useless. The common answer would be: “we can’t afford it”. But what does the child hear? All the horrible things. They get scared. We don’t want our kids to feel insecure and think that they might end up on a street one day. And trust me, their imagination is very vivid.

Instead of saying that you cannot afford it, find an alternative way to convince the child.

“We are not going to buy this, as we are saving money to buy more important (or better) things for you”.

If your child has a specific thing in mind, help him to collect money. Show him the value of it.

This will make your child happy and help you to avoid stubbornness.

2. Don’t talk to strangers

It’s is very difficult for the child to define who is a stranger. Kids easily talk to strangers. Especially if the stranger is nice to them. And kids make friends almost immediately. So a person they saw couple of times on a playground ain’t no stranger.

Thus, instead of saying “don’t talk to strangers” – try to explain who are strangers. What is dangerous. Be specific about actions the should never do under any circumstances. Like getting into someone’s car. Understanding is the key.

3. Be careful, you will fall/hurt yourself

When your child is peacefully playing and you keep repeating to be careful, your child might just lose focus and fall. And after all, if you keep on saying to an adult person that he is going to fall – he is really going to fall eventually. If you are feeling concerned go near your child and stay quite, but ready to help.

4. It’s nothing

When your child got hurt and burst into tears, your intension may be to calm your child. But be careful with the words you are choosing. If he is crying, that means there is a tragedy. It might seem small and insignificant for you, but it is huge for your little one. So don’t say “it’s nothing”. Don’t make him feel less significant. Try to hug your child and comfort him. Acknowledge that it was a scary fall. Then bandage him.

5. Hurry up

Kids explore the world. Sometimes it can be really time consuming. By saying “hurry up” you steal their experience. You prevent them from enjoying life! Stop that immediately! Instead – plan ahead. If you really really need to hurry up – say “let me help you”.

6. I’m on diet

If you feel that you have to reduce your weight, keep it to yourself. If your child hears you talking about it every day he might develop an unhealthy image in mind. So better focus on the healthy aspect. You can say “I’m eating healthy, because I want to feel better”.


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