6 things to know before becoming a parent

Becoming a mother and a father is a life changing decision. Sooner or later your children will make you wiser and smarter. And very skillful. It would be nice, though, if sooner.

Nevertheless there are a few things, that might prepare you for this incredibly hard work.

1. Develop sense of humor

That’s what you really need when you have kids. Why? Well, to save your nervous system. Kids do stupid, non logic and hilarious things. That’s important to have an ability to laugh of the situation. Yesterday our son pooped in his crib and started to throw it all over the room. Laughing. I had to wash everything! Including ceiling. I was dead laughing. For 20 minutes I couldn’t get up.

2. Learn to acknowledge your mistakes

As you become a parent, you start to be an example and a ruler all in one. As a ruler you will always have a temptation to act like you are always right. But, we all know that nobody is always right. Thus, as a good example, you have to show your kid how to concede a mistake.

3. Travel

As much as you can. Why? Because when you travel you learn, educate yourself and explore. New habits, new traditions, new places and new people. This is how you see all angles of this amazing life. Plus, you will more likely be able to answer majority of your little one’s questions if you will see different countries with your very eyes.

4. Read as more as you can

Same reason here. Books are priceless source of experience and knowledge. Read read read!

5. Don’t just dream, live your dream

The moment we become parents we become more conservative. That’s a known fact. That is why all of your most reckless and crazy ideas have to be realized before kids burst into your world!

6. Stop buying useless things

Don’t let marketing industry and a bunch of admen control your mind. Having kids will be a whole new area for you, but that doesn’t mean that you need to buy everything that is well advertised.
Check out some lists of baby essentials. Be reasonable.

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