6 best baby shower gifts you can’t go wrong with

6 best baby shower gifts you can’t go wrong with

Selecting a gift to a future mother can be somewhat tricky.

Especially nowadays, when every shop is overwhelmed with bright and colourfully wrapped presents. But, most of that stuff are virtually useless. Unless you’re buying a diaper cake. That one most likely will always be a perfect choice. But once again, what if the mother prefers organic diapers and you are bringing Pampers (no offence, guys!).

Of course you can always go with the regular ultimate gifts for moms list.

But we decided to put together a short list of things that will most likely be a huge success!

As assistance, here are 6 best baby shower gifts you cannot go wrong with.

1. Baby bean bag chairs 

Babies who are still too small to move themselves, yet need an entertainment and like comfort and warmth pretty much. Baby bean bags are a great baby shower gift as it provides exceptional comfort and safety. It also helps to develop fine motor skills. Thanks to it’s grainy content. In general, baby bean bags are made to be comfortable. Especially for a pregnant women that needs to rest her back. And it’s kind of hard to do on a flat surface. Make sure to purchase a bean bag chair with a harness; it becomes instrumental as a safety precaution for the baby.

2. A pregnancy gift set for expecting mother 

Buying something useful for the expecting mom is a wise gift idea. A gift set that includes essential items such as a body wash, a body lotion, a wellness spray, natural stretch mark oil and herbal tea pack will be ideal. However, you must be able to make sure that all these products are made with natural substances which are toxic-free.

3. Child carrier 

A child carrier is a very useful gift particularly for active parents. In fact, for such parents, a child career is a ‘must-have’. These items have the ability to facilitate parents to keep their babies in safer and comfortable manner during walks. These carriers can be used even during hiking in addition to regular buy xanax san diego daily tasks such as walking, grocery shopping etc. Apart from the comfort, safety and the convenience, child carriers facilitate babies to look around and learn from the surrounding when the parents are on the go. In general, a well made child carriers are made of long lasting, strong materials and many other features to provide comfort. Make sure it is made of natural materials and organic dyes.

4. Baby Monitor 

If you prefer an innovative and high-tech gadget, why don’t you try a baby monitor? Baby monitors are manufactured to keep a close ‘eye’ on the baby even when the parents are not in the same room with the baby. When a baby monitor is installed, parents don’t have to constantly physically walk in to the room. Most of the cameras come with Wi-Fi facility; real-time video can be watched via the dedicated display device or even your smart phone/tab. This is a great way to assure the security of the baby.

5. Baby Food maker

Gifting a baby food maker is another wise idea. Although it will not be used as soon as the baby is born, it becomes useful as the baby grows up. For many moms, making food for babies is a challenging task; so, make sure that you purchase a multipurpose/all-in-one baby food maker that includes features such as steaming, reheating, grinding etc.

6. Something adorable

Yeah, sometimes you just need to go crazy over the sweet stuff. Especially if you are invited to a baby shower of a mother that already has everything.

And you have no idea what to give.

There are adorable and lovely things that are not that useful as our previous suggestions, but incredibly nice. No mom would deny this kind of present. And most likely no mom will purchase one of these for herself or her baby. After all, baby showers are about cuteness.

Our personal fav are these adorable pins!

P.S. You can always get some vitamins. Like Vegan Omega 3 – 200mg Algae DHA.




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