5 ways to help your baby to focus

5 ways to help your baby to focus!

Avi is about to turn 1 year old. And I have never felt so excited before!
Lately I’ve been thinking about attention. He is changing. He is acting more and more mature. I’ve noticed that he penetrates more and more in his thoughts and actions.
Thus, we tried to find connection between us interrupting him and his lack of attention.
And here are few ways to help your child to focus.

5 ways to help your baby to focus
1. Mommy is not for entertainment.

Babies get used to certain behavior very fast. So they can simply form a habit and start to expect you to entertain them. Instead of occupying themselves with their natural surroundings.

2. No tv and computer!

Of course it’s districting in the first place! But the main reason to avoid television is much deeper. Tv drags all of your child’s developing attention, overloading him with tough and strong emotions. This leads to the lack of attention.

3. Safe place.

Baby has to have a nice safe place. Where he can play on his own, without intervention of worried parents. It can be his crib or a gated play mat. Bigger places with unsafe objects are not good.

4. Observe.

It means try to minimize your intervention. If your baby is just lying there and gazing in the wall, let him do it. Because, actually, he is not just lying there and gazing, he is thinking! So let him finish. Then he will turn his attention to something else. Observing your baby will let you understand when the switch happens.

5. Do not distract.

It’s a common practice to distract babies while doing your everyday routine. But diaper change, eating and changing clothes – is a normal part of baby’s life. Why replacing it with a toy? Babies need to be involved. They love being involved.


This set of 5 simple rules, is quite a finding.


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