5 ways why parenting is harder than rocket science

5 ways why parenting is harder than rocket science

We’ve heard already about struggles of parenthood. But there is a whole new level of perception, what hard is if you are, say, a rocket scientist. And a mom!

How many rocket scientists moms do you actually know? Well, we know a few. And we decided to ask them, what seems to be more hard: parenting or their job.

1. There are no basics in parenting

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Here is the thing. If you are a scientist you have certain laws that are unshakable. Something that is right no matter what and you can refer to in any situation. And what about parenting? Are there any basics at all?

Yeah ok. All kids sleep. Do they?

All kids eat. Theoretically. But some of them can starve for days until you give buy xanax with echeck them what they want.

2. Millions of approaches

Science is just science. Period. Parenting is sooooo damn different. Attachment parenting, authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, uninvolved parenting… I can go on for hours.

You know, my rocket feels so emotionally distressed. I think it’s all because of separation anxiety.

3. Too many professionals

In order to become a rocket scientist you need to go to college, then to university, work hard. And over all – choose this profession. But what does it take to become a parent? I seriously doubt that any NASA mission was as hardly criticized as me taking my son to a playground without his hat on.

4. Working hours

When you are a parent, your working hours are 24/7. No weekends, no holidays, no vacations.

5. Silence

Kids are loud. Like really loud. Very loud. And the noise is constant. Science is silent.

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