5 tips to teach your child to be polite

5 tips to teach your child to be polite

First of all, let’s try to understand what does it mean to be polite.

Being polite, first of all, means being respectful. Respect is the inner sense of importance of other person.

Actually, there will be only one tip. Others are just an addition.
Tip # 1.
Be a good example. Every post I publish has this tip. Funny, huh? I guess someday we will just publish a book for parents with only one single tip: BE A GOOD EXAMPLE! Cause this is the only thing that works.
Tip # 2.
Never interrupt your child if you don’t want him to interrupt you.
And if suddenly your child interrupts you, don’t scold him, just say the following: «Please let me finish and then I’ll listen to you carefully».
Tip # 3.
Now, lets talk about «thank you». Sincere gratitude can be felt deeply only by adult people. Children till certain age can’t really be thankful. Thus, if you want your child to say «thank you», be prepared – it won’t be no real gratitude behind this words.
Tip # 4.
Traditions – are very useful in teaching children to be polite. In some families they will sit at the dining table until everybody will finish dinner. Or an obligatory goodnight kiss. Try inventing your own.
Tip # 5.
Teach your kid to help younger children, older people, in one word – those who are weaker.
Teach a boy to help girls)
P.S. It’s common for active and emotional children buy tadalafil canada to simply forget to use polite words. In this case just say it for your child. Be persistent.

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