5 tips for tech moms

So, yeah. It’s cool that we are all moms here.

But I’ve had a revelation recently. Somehow I thought that all the moms are artists or musicians or teachers. Ok, may be some kind of managers. I mean, the women-ish kinds of professions.

But, the truth is different. Women actually learn to code and are pretty successful developers and programmers.

Honestly, ladies, I’m very very sorry, that we’ve been avoiding your needs for so long!

Here we come.

5 tips for tech moms

1. Learn

In your profession it’s crucial to be ahead. And it’s important to be on top of all the latest inventions and discoveries.

Find a professional training company you trust like DevelopIntelligence and let the keep you posted about all recent updates you need to add to your resume.

2. Educate

If you run your own company, like Julia Hartz, you already know how important it is to invest in your STAFF’s education. Your employees are you most valuable asset. Developer Academy can help you nurture and grow highly qualified professionals, that will cherish your investments and respect your attitude.

3. Use mommy apps

Honestly, I have a friend, she works as a developer for Apple. I constantly update her on must have mommy apps. Like really? Girls, come on. You can use your awesome skills in motherhood!

And the coolest thing is, that some of you might actually make those apps slightly better! Well at lest you’ll know how. Or you can create your own app. I have a list of ideas here.

4. Don’t try to be your family self and your work self

Be your whole self! Yes, your work is hard, it’s different. It requires Brain power! We get it.

But switching between two personalities sounds like a dangerous thing to do. Just be a CEO of your own life and keep it simple.

5. Don’t get into the idea that you are hurting your kids by working

Yes, your work requires a lot of your time. More than average. But don’t get trapped into the idea that you are hurting your kids by staying at work late and missing family events. Guilt is a heavy and powerful feeling. By all means, enjoy your career if you love it. Or quit and dive into motherhood. But don’t let guilt decide for you.

And anyways, dedicated hard work, seems like a great example in my opinion.

P.S. Incorporate technology. If it’s hard, try something easy. Like electric toothbrush. Not that tech savvy, but, hey you got to start somewhere! Best electric toothbrush lab

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