5 things to never talk about with other parents

There are no perfect parents in this world. Either you think, that you don’t do enough or you feel like everybody else is horrible in parenting.

Don’t tell me you don’t!

We all do.

But when it comes to friends, we need some kind of boundaries. Or rather a map, to avoid the unneeded conversations.

Here are 5 things you never talk about with other parents

1. Sleeping habits

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If your child sleeps through the night, make sure you’ll keep your mouth closed. Just be happy! Never ever ever say how you did it! How you made it real!

2. Potty training

So your child is fully potty trained by the age of 2? Keep it to your self! Some people struggle, you know?

3. Eating habits

Say, you have a perfect dinner family time. When your kids are well dressed and behaving, food is served in incredible lovely china (which will remain absolutely unbroken). Your kids eat 80% of veggies and hate french fries. Wow. Let’s consider you are just lucky. And this is how you should present it. Or even better, stay quiet. Let it be your tiny secret.

4. Education

Your coaching your toddler to read and your friend’s 5 year old is still confusing letters? Chill out! Upbringing is truly individual thing. Every child is different and every parents have their own expectations.

5. Behavior

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Never ever complain to a parent on a child’s behavior. No parent want to hear how bad his child is. Even you!


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