5 things to know to throw a kick ass kids birthday party

5 things to know to throw a kick ass kids birthday party

Throwing a birthday party can quickly get out of hand and make you wish you never signed up to throw a party. Here are some tips to make birthdays manageable and something to look forward to.

  1. Ensure all kids are rewarded

Make it as much about them as it is about your own child. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Offering a goody bag or some reward will make all kids happy. Or offer games with prizes for winners. If you are artistic, do face painting or something else really fun for kids and parents and they will all go home happy.

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  1. Do not over invite if you are hosting it at your home.

If you have too many visitors, you will feel overwhelmed and no one will have fun. If you want to be inclusive to your entire class, consider doing something really low commitment at the park after school where all can be there. If you prefer to have something more intimate, just invite the friends your child enjoys playing with. You can always hand out goody bags to classmates at school.

  1. Stay within your budget

Remember your child would be just as happy with cake and ice cream than with a huge burdensome party. If you are game for it, go all out, hire entertainment, rent a bouncy house, or even rent a venue for the party. But don’t stress yourself out if you are watching your wallet. The worst feeling is worrying about your expenses and missing out on the delight the children experience at a birthday party.

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  1. Go in with no expectations

Throw this party for your child. Do not keep tabs on who brought what and who came with a gift etc. This is for your child, don’t think about who invited them and who came, etc. Focus on them having fun and on the parents being able to sit and relax and enjoy some time while the kids are occupied.

  1. Pinterest all the way

Struggling with ideas or overwhelmed at Party City? Make a board for their party, spend an hour or so collecting ideas on Pinterest and pic maybe 2 or 3 to try out. If it’s too overwhelming, pick one or none. Go with something that won’t have a chance of failure – making tactile things such as playdough is always a huge success and very easy to do.
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