5 rules you should know if you have a son

I won’t even start saying how hard every mom’s job is. It has been mentioned millions of times. And besides, you already know it.

But being a mother of a man – is an outstanding task.

Well, we all know, that not every boy becomes a man. Some of them are just old little boys.

Parenting, probably, has more approaches than any other thing in the world. Countless amounts of books are written, blogs created and researches done. But, we don’t yet have one single method of upbringing, that was proven to be suitable and working for every child in the world.

May be that is because we are searching in wrong direction? Instead of asking scientists to do their researches, we should try asking our own moms to share their wisdom.

That’s what we did. We asked our very own moms. And we came up with

5 rules you should know if you have a son


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1. Always be on your son’s side.

This means that you should NEVER ever echo the teacher that is lecturing you son or a neighbor that is grumbling about something you son has supposedly (or not supposedly) done. NO! You are always on his side! Supporting him all the time! If you need to disagree with something he had done or said, do it at home, when you are alone. And please, for the love of God

2. Don’t lecture your son

Despite the fact, that most of our schools are still using lecturing as primary method of education, it’s NOT WORKING! By lecturing you kid, you will never get to explain him the point. Talk. Ask. LISTEN! Answer. Explain. And offer other solutions.

3. Never laugh at your son

Being mocked by a women is one of the deepest trauma of any man. And being mocked by own mother – is a scar, that might never heel and be forgiven. Think twice, moms.

4. Answer your kid’s every question

Yes, even if it’s incredibly annoying and he had asked it 100 times before. Probably, it’s not him, who can’t understand it, but you, who can’t explain it. And the most important: if you don’t know the answer – admit it and ask for some time in order to find it.

5. If your child is crying – there is a serious cause

Even if the reason seem to be very unserious for you, in you child’s tiny world it can be extremely huge and very significant. He is used to his favorite strawberry yogurt and there is only vanilla left. You feel like it’s insignificant, but it is so damn important for your little one. And you have to comfort him. Because that is your job. Your job is to be supportive, it’s not to decide what is and what is not important.


And don’t forget to LOVE them! Really truly LOVE your boys!

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