5 rules of supermom

5 rules of supermom

My mom is a famous architect, overachiever, highly qualified professional and extremely peoples person. Yet she managed to be a great mother. 

She is a great friend, guiding mentor and loving grandmother. 

Now, as I have a son of my own I can’t help but wonder: how she does it!?

She achieved it all. And managed to remain close to me even though physically we live on different continents. 

I’m definitely far from being a supermom. 

Thus, I just asked her:

Mom, how do you do it?

And the answer was plain and simple.

With a lot of support from your husband, oceans of love for your kids, tons of help from your family and just a few hundreds of glasses of wine. That’s how you manage it. 

Here are 5 advices from my supermom. 


  1. Never reject help. You think you can do everything by yourself? You know what? You can’t. And the most important thing is – you don’t have to! 
  2.  Remember that your husband is not just your kid’s father. He is that handsome and funny guy you fell in love with. He needs your attention and care just as much as he needed it before. 
  3. Don’t forget about yourself. You need to have a hobby that is yours only. Let it be your personal territory.
  4. Smile and laugh every single day! Make sure that your smile is fabulous. Breastfeeding can be really damaging for teeth. So don’t hide! Find a great dentist! Like Dr John Fagbemi provides a private dental clinic in London and offers emergency dental services and also cosmetic dentistry.
  5. Hug your kids first thing in the morning. No matters how early you had to wake up. Even if it was sleepless and hard night. Hug your kids and say you love them.

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