5 reasons to turn family dinner into routine

We all know how it looks in Hollywood movies. Perfectly set table, healthy home cooked meal, kids, that are behaving and waiting patiently. Everybody looks happy and smiling. Ha-ha! And we all know how it really looks! Plastic pates, crazy kids running around and some pizza. Everybody is late. Everybody is arguing.

Yet, still getting together is good for your family. But why? Why would you want to make it a habit?

Here are the 5 reasons to turn family dinner into routine

1. Talking.

How often do we have time to talk? Most of the time it’s just: have you done this, have bought that! How about feelings, aspirations, emotions? We silly don’t have time to share all those important things with each other. If we want our kids to trust us, to ask us for advices and value our opinion, we have to make time for that communication.

2. Learning manners

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Kids learn from example. What a wonderful chance to demonstrate good manners. If you’ll make this dinners regular, you’ll see how fast they’ll adopt good manners.

3. Relaxation

After what was, probably, a hard day, it’s so great to be surrounded by your beloved people. And just spend time in the atmosphere of love and understanding.

4. Less work.

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If you all are gathering at  the same table, you can shift the cooking duty. Or just make a potluck. Both ways are definitely better, than cooking by yourself all the time.

5. Fun.


It can actually be pretty great! You used to spend your childhood with those people, after all… and it was kind of fun.

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