5 reasons to homeschool your kids

5 reasons to homeschool your kids. Well, at least until first grade.

 1. Money

Needless to say, that NYC is an expensive city. Especially expensive if you are raising kids.

Let’s make a simple calculation.

According to care.com:

Data Year201520142013
After-School Sitter (15-hours a week)$214.05$196.80180.60
Au Pair$360$360$360
Child Care Center*$196$188$186
Family Child Care Center*$181$140$127

*for one child

CostofCareSnapshot_2016_1_ Budget_FINAL

But let’s keep it real. These are only overall summarised prices from all over the USA. But New York local prices, are way WAY higher.

A decent part time nanny will cost at least $15 per hour.

A day care, that seems at least clean, has windows and is not situated on a basement level of nearest laundromat – will be no lower than $700 per month.

Where does it leave us?

By the way, here is an amazing tool to track your monthly budget

2. The stress

You can never trust 100% another person with your child. That’s just it. There is no explanation. No matter how good she or he is, you just can’t avoid the anxiety and the feeling of guilt.

However, according to The HuffingtonPost mothers who decide to care after their children on their own, suffer even greater stress:

Due to the anxiety surrounding this decision, many mothers who leave the workplace for even the longer-term maternity option feel that they’ll find themselves out of touch with company progress upon return

Becka Klauber Richter, president of child care app, Helpr


Source giphy.cpm

3. Learning

According to Rudolf Steiner, the author of one of the most incredible upbringing methods, modern early childhood education is seriously screwed up:

Every education is self-education, and as teachers we can only provide the environment for children’s self-education. We have to provide the most favorable conditions where, through our agency, children can educate themselves according to their own destinies.

Wait a minute! Does this mean, that our kids till certain age aren’t really supposed to be forcefully taught? I, personally, love the idea.


Source giphy.cpm

4. Communication

This perk outweighs all possible disadvantages for me.

Growing up, I didn’t see my parents too much. Though, I did have 2 awesome grans and 1 incredible brother. I was homeschooled most of my life. And I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Mostly because, considering my tough nature and unbearable character (I think I’m a total introvert. My hubby thinks that I’m just a regular pcycho), I have always had communication problems. It was hard for me to establish connection. Especially with teachers. I couldn’t get how should I ask questions and give answers. I did’t know how to engage into the process. And should I mention that there wasn’t any personal approach back then. I doubt it is now.

Children who are homeschooled learn to not only ask questions, but their mind is free to roam to explore many new possibilities in all kinds of subjects.


5. Productivity vs staying busy

How to teach a young child productivity? Engage him into a real adult activity. Cooking, cleaning or even farming. Surprisingly, these things are not even taught in schools. What kids are taught there, is to stay busy.

Why does this happen?

Because involving a child into real productive activity is resourceful and time-consuming. And it simply can’t be done within the modern teaching approach.



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