5 reasons to have a nanny

5 reasons to have a nanny

First of all I want to say, that all parents want only the best for their kids. And the best of course means staying at home and taking care of our little rugrats. Nobody will care about them as we do. But.

Obstacles and circumstances. We have to work.

Thus, we hire help. But often we end up with unbearable feeling of guilt.

But let’s concentrate on positive aspects. Shall we?


Why we should have help even if we don’t have to work full time

1. Flexible schedule! 

Even if you don’t need a nanny that will spend 5 days a week with your kid, you still might hire a babysitter for 2 day per week. Why? Well, because there are things that is better to do without your little once. Like grocery shopping. First of all, it will be less stressful for you. Second of all, kids can definitely find something more interesting to do, than hanging around in dusty windowless supermarket.


2. Me time

Me time is essential for every woman. But if you have no relatives to assist you, you end up asking your partner to be with kids while you have your own time. And this steals from your family time.


3. Siblings discount

If you are blessed with more than one kid then you most likely get a siblings discount. Actually it will just be the same rate of one or little bit higher definitely not as high as day care.


4. Socializing

Kids need socialization. Of course, your kiddos most likely have their playground buddies. But children respond differently on adults. They learn more, they analyze, they try different behavioural patterns.


5. Education

It’s a known fact that learning languages is easier in natural surroundings. Here in New York you can hire a babysitter, that talks different language (apart from English of course). That’s sounds like a cool benefit doesn’t it?


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