5 minutes per day will fight stress

Motherhood can be tiring, frustrating and totally unbalancing.

If you are nodding – keep on reading. ?

If you are not nodding – let us know who is your dealer.

I know it’s hard to acknowledge it, but being a mother is a huge pain in the neck. ?

Don’t get me wrong.

It’a amazing. Marvellous. It’s absolutely incredible! To be a mother! 

But it is the hardest work humanity knows. 

We don’t have weekends. Or days off. Or even sick days. We don’t have coffee brakes. Or any other kind of brakes.

We got payed by most precious and priceless kisses and hugs. I wish we had calm and peaceful nights as yearly bonus, though. ?

The pace of life of every mother is so fast, that being able to do something relaxing is not just important it’s vital!

But here comes the question, that every mom is asking herself:

Where do I get time for myself?

What if we say that you need just 5 minutes per day!?

No, I mean it. Just 5 minutes. Every day! And you’ll feel relaxed, calm and never stress again.


I know you are!


But how?

The answer is simple. By meditation.

You’ll say:

It’s hard to focus and concentrate. Hard to let go of your everyday stuff. Hard to relax. You don’t know what rules and steps to follow.

I’ll say:

It’s just a Simple Habit. No, I mean it. The Simple Habit App. That was created by specialists and enthusiasts with one simple goal in mind. To make meditation simple and easy.

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How it works?

1. Select your meditation session. Based on your goals and mood.

2. Follow the steps and advices your teacher will give.

3. Get that Zen!


Because meditation, if performed during a period of at least one week, is proven to:


Not bad, huh?

Download your Simple Habit App today and start relaxing. Anytime. Anywhere!


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