5 life changing parenting ideas you should try

5 life changing parenting ideas you should try.

These parents definitely rule parenthood!

The ultimate list of absolutely fabulous parenting life hacks EVER!

MadMamaNYC carefully selected them for you to use. So pour yourself a glass of chardonnay, order from Seamless and turn on your fav show. You will have some free time!

1. Art box

This is genius! Isn’t it? At least 1 hour of free time guaranteed. All you need is 1 fairly big box and a lot of crayons. Done!


As seen on Buzzfeed

2. WD-40 is the perfect crayon remover.


3. The no mess painting for toddlers

Gosh, it’s so awesome, that it’s almost hard to believe it works! But it works! All you need are some zip locks, paint and water.


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4. Inflatable pool instead of a playpen

  • it’s soft and safe. Nobody is going to bump and make a boo-boo
  • Very Washable!
  • You can put another pool inside and let them play with water right in your living room.


As seen on mummyisagadgetgeek

5. Lawn art

All you need is a big old sheet and paint.


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